Man pages for vsenderov/rdf4r
Library for Working with RDF

add_dataAdd Data to a Repository
add_data_factoryCreate a function that submits serialized RDF to a specific...
AnonRDFCreate a list of RDF statements that all share the same blank...
api_triplestore_accessAPI Triplestore Access
basic_triplestore_accessBasic Triplestore Access
blank_nodeA blank node
DynVectorAn Amortized Vector
fidentifierIdentifier Constructor via a List of Lookup Functions
get_filename_extensionGets the filenmae extension
get_protocol_versionGet Protocol Version
has_meaningful_valueCheck whether supplied text argument has a meaningful value
identifierIdentifier Consturction
identifier_factoryManufacturing Identifier Constructors
is.AnonRDFIs the object an Anonymous Triples List (RDF)?
is.identifierIs the object an identifier?
is.literalIs the object a literal?
is.ResourceDescriptionFrameworkIs the object an Triples List (RDF)?
lastLast Element of Vector
last_tokenLast Token of Character Vector
list_repositoriesList Repositories
literalConstruct a literal
pasteconstrPaste Constructor
pasteifPaste If
prefix_serializerSerializes a Prefix Vector
print.identifierOutputs an identifier in a default way
print.literalOutputs a literal in a default way
query_factoryConvert a parameterized SPARQL query to an R function
rdf4rRDF4R: R Library for Working with RDF
RdfLibBackendRDF Class with 'rdflib' backend
rdf_typeRDF Type
representDefualt representation
represent.identifierOutputs an identifier in a default way (not print)
represent.literalOutputs a literal in a default way (not print!)
ResourceDescriptionFrameworkMutable RDF Object
semantic_elementsPredifined resource identifiers from widely-spread ontologies
strip_angleStrips (or Adds) Angular Brackets from a URI if Present
strip_filename_extensionStrip Extension From a Filename
strip_trailing_symbolStrip Trailing Slash or Colon If Present
submit_sparqlSubmit a SPARQL Query to a Triplestore (READ)
submit_sparql_updateSubmit a SPARQL Query to a Triplestore (UPDATE)
xsd_dateXSD Date Type
xsd_integerXSD Integer Type
xsd_stringXSD String Type
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