Man pages for vwmaus/geoScidb
Utilities for SciDB geographical data processing and visualization.

buildSciDBDTWQueryBuild SciDB query
buildSciDBDTWQuery2Build SciDB 2 query (Faster)
buildSciDBPostProcQueryBuild SciDB query
buildSciDBPostProcSecVegetationQueryBuild SciDB query
computeGridTopologyListComputes a list of GridTopology objects
longLatTomodisColRowlongitude and latitude to MODIS column and row.
modisColRowToLongLatMODIS column and row to longitude and latitude.
modisrasterFromSciDBArrayRaster from scidb array.
modisrasterFromSciDBArrayRGBRaster from scidb array.
recoverDatesFromJulianRecover dates from year and julian number
recoverMODISDatesRecover MODIS dates
recoverMODISTimeIndexRecover MODIS time index from a date
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