Man pages for wStockhausen/wtsUtilities
Collection of generic utility functions developed by William Stockhausen

addFilterAdd a file type to file extensions
addQuotesAdd quotes to a character string vector.
addTransparencyAdd transparency to a vector of colors
aggregateDataframeAggregate a dataframe according to "factor" levels.
calcCIsCompute confidence intervals from cv's or standard deviations
calcPercentNonzeroCalculate percent non-zero occurrences from a set of...
checkKeywordCheck string against keyword and stop if unequal
computeFunctionByFactorsCompute results using an arbitrary function on columns in a...
computeStatscomputeStats: Calculate count, mean, stdev, and cv of a...
computeStats.dataframecomputeStats.dataframe: Calculate count, mean, stdev, and cv...
computeStats.matrixcomputeStats.matrix: Calculate count, mean, stdev, and cv of...
computeStats.vectorReturns count, mean, stdev, and cv of vector x
computeTickIntervalCalculate nice tick intervals for a scale.
concatenateCSVsConcatenate csv files into one.
convertToNumericConvert a character vector to numeric values
countReturns count of x (ignoring NAs)
createColorPaletteCreate a color palette.
createColorScaleCreate a function defining a color scale.
cvpCalculate the cv (or std dev, if mean=0) of a vector.
deleteColDelete column in a dataframe or matrix
deleteColsDelete columns in a dataframe or matrix
doMenuCreate a menu of items
dropLevelsDrop factor levels from a dataframe
dropNAsRemoves all rows from a dataframe based on columns that...
first_differenceCalculate the first difference of a vector.
formatZerosformatZeros: replace blanks with 0's in printed numbers
getCaptionsFromGGPlotListExtract captions from list of plots in printGGList format
getCSVOpen a csv file as a dataframe.
getFactorLevelsFind the unique combination of levels of a set of "factors"...
getFunctionNameGet the name of a function
getIntervalLimitsGet interval limits (cut points) from a vector of midpoints
getListElementPathsGet paths to all terminal list elements as a character vector
getOperatingSystemGet the operating system name.
isBlankStringTest if character string is only whitespace (i.e., blank)
keepColsKeep columns from a dataframe
modCalculate the modulus of two numbers
my.lapplymy version of lapply
parseDaysConvert character vector of dates to numeric vector of...
parseMonthsConvert character vector of dates to numeric vector of...
parseNumParse numeric expressions from a character vector.
parseTextParse text in character vector into individual elements by...
parseYearsConvert character vector of dates to numeric vector of...
pausePause R for a defined time
printGGListPrint a ggplot2 object, or list of ggplot2 objects
rebinColumnRebin a column in dataframe
reclassifyReclassify values in a vector.
rootMedianSquareCompute the root median square deviation (rmsd) of a vector
selectFileSelect a file
sortBysort a dataframe by row according to columns.
standardizeStandardize a vector or columns in a dataframe by converting...
standardize.vectorStandardize a vector by converting to z-scores.
stripCommentsStrip comments from elements of a character vector
stripQuotesStrip quotes from a character string vector.
substituteValuesSubstitute final values for original values in a vector
SumSum with NAs removed
sumBySum variables in a dataframe by a set of factor levels
sumByDimsSum array by specified dimensions
trimByResidualsTrim rows from a dataframe based on a vector of residuals.
unstackDataframeUnstack columns in a dataframe by a set of factor levels
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