Man pages for wacl-york/waclr
An R package for activities at Wolfson Atmospheric Chemistry Laboratory (WACL)

aggregate_by_date_spanAggregate meteorological data from date span.
get_wacl_dataFunction to get data for WACL (Wolfson Atmospheric...
get_wacl_invalidationsFunction to get WACL's invalidations.
get_wacl_processesFunction to get WACL's processes.
get_wacl_sitesFunction to get WACL's sites.
parse_excel_dateFunction to parse Microsoft Excel's numeric date.
parse_unix_timeFunction to conveniently parse a vector of unix time to a...
pipePsudo-function to re-export *magrittr*'s pipe.
read_syft_dataFunction to read Syft '.csv' files.
set_sub_second_optionFunction to set R's options to print fractional seconds.
str_date_formattedFunction to format a date (usually) for printing.
tidy_faam_netcdfFunction to transform a 'NetCDF' file from FAAM activites to...
time_zoneFunction to extract time-zone from a POSIXct date.
unix_time_to_excel_dateFunction to convert unix time to a Microsoft Excel date.
weekendFunction to test if dates are during the weekend or not.
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