Set of function to process data from the sleepsight study (King's College London). This code is currently under development. If you have feedback or questions then feel free to post them as an issue in


The following code will install Sleepsight from GitHub and other packages you will need.

list.of.packages <- c("devtools", "data.table","roxygen2", "zoo", "pracma", "bit64","gridExtra","ggplot2", "cowplot")
new.packages <- list.of.packages[!(list.of.packages %in% installed.packages()[,"Package"])]
if(length(new.packages)) install.packages(new.packages)

Expected data input and folder structure:

Expected output:

Variable names: - lighton - whether phone captured light above 10 lux. - sreenon - whether phone screen was on. - PSGmove - whether phone speed or PSG indicated movement. - AppAct - whether phone apps were actively used. - batinteract - whether phone battery was put on charge or taken off charge (only the movement of plugging it in or out is captured). - phoneacc - whether phone accelerates by more than 0.03 times gravitational acceleration. - withingsMove - whether withings wearable indicates movement. - deepsleep - whether withings wearable indicates deep sleep. - lightsleep - whether withings wearable indicates light sleep. - awake - whether withings wearable indicates awake (as part of subclasses of sleep). - AppHalted - whether phone was restarting (runtime dropping to zero). - SunSetRise - indicates when there was sunset or sunrise. - hour - hour in the day. - min - minute of an hour. - min_inday - minute in the day relative to midnight.

Extensions _dd and _pdk used in combination with Whithings wearable refers to direct download and pdk origin, respectively.

Using the code

See exploredata for an example of how to use the key functions in the package.

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