Man pages for walkerjeffd/myrwaR
Tools for the Mystic River Watershed Association

antecedent_precipCompute antecedent precipitation
append_weatherAdds antecedent precipitation columns
assign_precip_eventsDelineate storm events based on hourly precipitation
compare_databaseCompare two database versions and summarize differences
db_connectConnect to MyRWA WQ database
db_list_tablesList of table names in database
db_locationsRetrieve locations from database
db_qaqc_suiteRun QAQC test suite on database
db_resultsLoad Results table merged with Visit table
db_tableLoad single table from database
db_table_fieldsRetrieve table schema from database
get_storet_locationsFetch MyRWA Locations Table from STORET
get_storet_resultsFetch MyRWA Results Table from STORET
hotspot_reportHotspot Report Template
is.regular_hourlyChecks if vector of hourly timestamps is regular
load_precip_from_usgsLoad precipitation from USGS Web Services
load_precip_from_xlsLoad precipitation dataset from Excel File
load_wqLoad water quality data
myrwaRmyrwaR: R Tools for the Mystic River Watershed Association
precip_event_summarySummarize storm events
precip_loganHourly Precipitation at Logan Airport, Boston, MA
storet_compare_countCompare sample counts between STORET and Database
water_yearGet water year from date
wqx_locationsConvert Locations to WQX Format
wqx_projectsConvert Projects to WQX Format
wqx_resultsConvert Results to WQX Format
wqx_validate_locationsValidate Locations Table
wqx_validate_resultsValidate Results Table
zoo.regularConstructs regular zoo object
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