Man pages for walmes/wzRfun
Walmes Zeviani functions

apcGenerate Matrix of All Pairwise Comparisons (Tukey contrasts)
apmcA Wraper of glht to Get All Pairwise Mean Comparisons
as.lmConverts nls class objects to lm class
aucArea under curve by trapezoidal integration
centfacNumeric Centered Factor Levels
cld2Modified Compact Letter Display to Irregular Designs
equallevelsMake Two Data Frames Have The Same Factor Levels
eseqExtended regular sequence
eyefunGUI to Minipulate Non Linear Regression Models With Sliders
matrix2htmlConvert a character matrix to HTML table
ordered_cldOrder Letters According to Numeric Vector
panel.3d.contourLattice Panel for Draw Contour Lines In Wireframe Plots
panel.beeswarmLattice Panel for Scatter Plots With a Beeswarm Display
panel.cbHLattice panels for error bars and envelop bands
panel.groups.segplotPanel to Plot Confidence Intervals by Groups in 'segplot()'
R2nlsCoeficient of Determination for Non Linear Regression Models
radial_cldRadial Plot for a Compact Letter Display Vector
rp.nlsInteractive Fitting for Non Linear Regression Models
rp.wireA panel to rotate and choose the better view angle of a...
soybeanwpFactorial experiment to evaluate the effect of potassium and...
strip_combinedGenerate a combined strip for lattice plots
table_formatRound Numeric Columns of a Table
treeShow a Directory as an ASCII Tree
wzRfunWalmes Zeviani's collection of functions
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