Man pages for wangyuchen/sppmix
2D Normal Mixture Models for Spatial Point Process

approx_normmixApproximate density of a normal mixture over a 2d domain.
demo_mixDemo objects
density_plots2D density plots for normal mixture and intensity surface
dnormmixCalculate density of normal mixture.
est_intensity_npEstimate intensity surface by using non-parametric method.
est_mixEstimate mixture models using MCMC.
kstest2dNonparametric Goodness-of-fit test for two-dimesional point...
normmixTwo-dimensional mixture with normal components.
plot_mix_3d3D density plots for normal mixture and intensity surface.
plot.sppmixPlot spatial point pattern generated from mixture.
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
rnormmixGenerate mixture with normal components.
rsppmixGenerate a spatial point pattern from normal mixture.
to_int_surfConvert normal mixture to intensity surface.
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