Various R Programming Tools for Data Manipulation

Various R programming tools for data manipulation, including: - medical unit conversions (ConvertMedUnits, MedUnits), - combining objects (bindData, cbindX, combine, interleave), - character vector operations (centerText, startsWith, trim), - factor manipulation (levels, reorder.factor, mapLevels), - obtaining information about R objects (object.size, elem, env, humanReadable, is.what, ll, keep, ls.funs, Args,nPairs, nobs), - manipulating MS-Excel formatted files (read.xls, installXLSXsupport, sheetCount, xlsFormats), - generating fixed-width format files (write.fwf), - extricating components of date & time objects (getYear, getMonth, getDay, getHour, getMin, getSec), - operations on columns of data frames (matchcols, rename.vars), - matrix operations (unmatrix, upperTriangle, lowerTriangle), - operations on vectors (case, unknownToNA, duplicated2, trimSum), - operations on data frames (frameApply, wideByFactor), - value of last evaluated expression (ans), and - wrapper for sample that ensures consistent behavior for both scalar and vector arguments (resample).

Authors: * Gregory R. Warnes, * Ben Bolker, * Gregor Gorjanc, * Gabor Grothendieck, * Ales Korosec, * Thomas Lumley, * Don MacQueen, * Arni Magnusson, * Jim Rogers, * and others

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