Man pages for wasquith-usgs/rash
Short Syntax Hashing Utilities on R Environments

clear.hClear (Empty) a Hash
copy.hMake a Copy of a Hash
del.hDelete a Key-Value Pair in a Hash
each.hExtract the Key-Value Pairs of a Hash
get.hGet a Value in a Hash (a hashed environment)
haskey.hDoes a Key Exist in a Hash
is.hIs an Object a Hash
keys.hExtract the Keys of a Hash
len.hLength of a Hash
new.hA New Hash
setchar.hSet a Character Value in a Hash
set.hSet a Value in a Hash
setint.hSet an Integer Value in a Hash
setlog.hSet a Logical Value in a Hash
setnum.hSet a Numeric Value in a Hash
tag.hTag a Hash
vals.hExtract the Values of a Hash
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