Man pages for wch/harbor
Tools to Manage 'Docker' Images and Containers

as.containerCoerce an object into a container object.
as.imageCoerce an object into an image object.
container_logsRetrieve logs for a container.
container_rmDelete a container.
container_runningReport whether a container is currently running.
containersGet list of all containers on a host.
container_stopStop a running container
container_update_infoUpdate the information about a container.
docker_cmdRun a docker command on a host.
docker_inspectInspect one or more containers, given name(s) or ID(s).
docker_pullPull a docker image onto a host.
docker_runRun a command in a new container on a host.
harborTools to Manage 'Docker' Containers & Images
image_rmDelete an image
imagesGet list of all images on a host
localhostAn object representing the current computer that R is running...
print.containerCustom print method
print.imageCustom print method
ssh_hostCreate a new ssh host
versionGet Docker version info
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