Man pages for wconstan/wmtsa
Wavelet Methods for Time Series Analysis

atomclockCesium Beam Atomic Clock Data
create.signalSeriesConverts various time series to an object of class
crystal.namesGeneric function for obtaining crystal names of wavelet...
D.tableCritical D-statistic table generation
D.table.criticalCritical D-Statistic Table
ecgElectrocardiogram Data
eda.plotGeneric function for generating extended data analysis plots
fdp045Fractional Difference Process Data
holderSpectrumThe Holder spectrum of a time series
make.signalTest signal generation
nileYearly Nile river level minima
oceanVertical Shear Ocean Data
oceansdfSDF for ocean series
reconstructReconstruction (inverse transform) of various wavelet...
wavBestBasisDWPT Best basis selection
wavBootstrapAdaptive wavelet-based bootstrapping
wavBoundaryWavelet transform boundary coefficent identification
wavCWTContinuous wavelet transform
wavCWTFiltersFrequency response of continuous wavelet transform filters
wavCWTPeaksPeak detection in a time series via the CWT
wavCWTTreeTree map of continuous wavelet transform extrema
wavDaubechiesDaubechies wavelet and scaling filters
wavDictionaryConstructor function for objects of class wavDictionary
wavDWPTThe discrete wavelet packet transform (DWPT)
wavDWPTWhitestSeeks the whitest transform of a discrete wavelet packet...
wavDWTThe discrete wavelet transform (DWT)
wavDWTMatrixDiscrete wavelet transform matrix.
wavEDOFEquivalent degrees of freedom (EDOF) estimates for a...
wavEquivFilterDaubechies equivalent wavelet and scaling filters
wavFDPClass constructor for block- and time-dependent wavelet-based...
wavFDPBandMid-octave spectral density function (SDF) estimation
wavFDPBlockBlock-dependent estimation of fractionally differenced (FD)...
wavFDPSDFSpectral density function for a fractionally differenced...
wavFDPTimeInstantaneous estimation of fractionally differenced model...
wavGainThe gain functions for Daubechies wavelet and scaling filters
wavIndexBoundary and interior wavelet coefficient identification
wavMaxLevelMaximum decomposition level
wavMODWPTThe maximal overlap discrete wavelet packet transform...
wavMODWTThe maximal overlap discrete wavelet transform (MODWT)
wavMRDCalculate the detail sequences for wavelet transform crystals
wavMRDSumPartial summation of a multiresolution decomposition
wavPacketBasisExtract wavelet packet basis from a DWPT
wavPacketIndicesWavelet packet node indices
wavShiftShifts wavelet transform coefficients for approximate zero...
wavShrinkNonlinear denoising via wavelet shrinkage
wavSortCrystalsSort wavelet transform crystal names
wavStackPlotGeneric function for generating stacked plots
wavStackPlot.defaultPlot wavelet transform crystals
wavStemPlotStem plot
wavTitleExtract the name of the data used to generate objects of...
wavTransformConstructor function for objects of class wavTransform
wavVarDiscrete wavelet variance estimation
wavVarConfidenceWavelet variance confidence intervals
wavVarTestHomogeneity test for discrete wavelet transform crystals
wavZeroPhaseZero phase shift factors for Daubechies symmlet and coiflet...
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