Man pages for wefang/ghelper
Genomics Helper Functions

aveMatFacAverage matrix rows based on a factor
bam2binConvert bam files to bin counts
bin2bpConvert bin indices to base pair indices
bp2binConvert base pair indices to bin indices
chr2gwConvert chromosome bin indices to genome wide bin indices.
chr2numConvert seqnames to numeric chromosome indices. Old. For the...
countReadsCount reads in bins from GeonomicAlignments object.
empirical.pvalueCalculate empirical p-values
gw2chrConvert vector of genome wide bin indices to a list of...
image.naWrapper of image with additional features
import.narrowPeakImports narrowPeak files
list2gwConvert a list of indices per chromosome (must have 23 items...
load.chrlenLoad chromosome length and bin counts into global environment
make.bins.grCreate a 'GRanges' object for bins.
pca.reduceWrapper for base prcomp
perm.matPermutate columns of matrix independently
perm.mat.multiPermutate columns of multiple matrix independently
seq2numConvert seqnames to numeric chromosome indices. chrX mapped...
ta2binConvert tagAlign files to bin counts
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