Man pages for weiserc/mvQuad
Methods for Multivariate Quadrature

copyNIGridcopies an NIGrid-object
createNIGridcreates a grid for numerical integration.
getNodesWeightsget nodes and weights from an NIGrid-object
mvQuad-packageMethods for multivariate Quadrature (numerical integration)
plot.NIGridplots an NIGrid-object
print.NIGridprints characteristic information for an NIGrid-object
quadraturecomputes the approximated Integral
QuadRulesnodes and weights for 1D - Gauss-Quadrature
readRulereads a quadrature-rule from a text file
rescale.NIGridmoves, rescales and/or rotates a multidimensional grid.
size.NIGridreturns the size of an NIGrid-object
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