Man pages for wenjie2wang/intsurv
Integrative Survival Modeling

bootSeStandard Error Estimates through Bootstrapping Methods
coef-iCoxph-methodEstimated Coefficients of Covariates
iCoxphIntegrative Cox Model for Uncertain Survival Data
iCoxph-classAn S4 Class to Represent a Fitted Extended Cox Model
iCoxph.summary-classAn S4 Class to Represent Summary of a Fitted Model
intsurv-packageIntegrative Survival Modeling
show-methodShow Methods
simuWeibullGenerate Simulated Data from Cox Model
summary-iCoxph-methodSummary of a Fitted Model
SurviFormula Response for Survival Data With Uncertainty
Survi-classAn S4 Class Representing Formula Response
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