Man pages for wfarmer-usgs/PUBAD
Appliles and Analyzes Several Methods for Prediction in Ungaged Basins

analyzeResultAnalyze performance of estimated time series.
applyDARApply two version of Drainage Area Ratio
approxPInterpolate and Extrapolate Streamflows along Flow Duration...
approxQInterpolate and Extrapolate Streamflow Probabilities along...
best.modelsFind top models for each flow regime.
calcEmpFDCsCalculate empirical FDCs for all sites
calcFlowStatsCalculate streamflow statistics.
clean_BCsClean out raw basin characteristics.
compCompare the models with a specifc number of variables.
compareCross-compare models.
compile.varsCompile models across quantiles and regimes
compute.leaps.forDetermine Best Subsets Models
compYearsFunction to determine complete water years
estDARApply drianage-area ratio for a particular target and index...
estQPPQApply QPPQ for a particular target and index set
est_target_FDCEstimate a flow duration curve for an ungaged site.
getBasinCharCollect and process basin characteristics for required...
getFlowStatsCollect the estiamted and observed streamflow statistics.
indexMCRank the best index gages for each target site.
indexNNRank the best index gages for each target site.
krigeLUDApply kriging of drainage area ratio
mean_diff_log10Compute the average differences of base-10 logs
nseCompute the Nash-Sutcliffe Efficiency
obs.sim.corrCompute the correlation between observations and estimates
percent.errorCompute the average percent errors
readCompileFlowFunction to read and compile streamflow data for analysis
regimesDetermine Optimal Regimes Along FDC
rmse_likeCompute the Root-Mean-Squared Error Statistics
tolistList of EVs
transform_BCsDevelop transformations of basin characteristics.
winnow_BCsWinnow Basin Characteristics
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