Man pages for wfarmer-usgs/WREG
USGS WREG v. 2.02

Dist.WREGDistance calculation (WREG)
importPeakFQImport Data from PeakFQ Output
importWREGImport Data from Old WREG Format
importWREG_GeneralImport Data from Generic (v1.06) Files
InfluenceInfluence Statistics (Cook's D) (WREG)
LeverageLeverage Statistics (WREG)
Omega.GLSCalculate weighting matrix for GLS regression. (WREG)
Omega.GLS.ROImatchMatLabWeighing Matrix for ROI-GLS/skew (WREG)
Omega.WLS.ROImatchMatLabWeighing Matrix for ROI-WLS (WREG)
printPrint summary of WREG results
regEquationFormatUtility function to format the regression equation
warnUtility function to add and remove warnings without halting...
WREG.GLSWeighted-Multiple-Linear Regression Program (WREG)
WREGguiFunction to open the WREG GUI
WREG.OLSWeighted-Multiple-Linear Regression Program (WREG)
WREG.RoIRegion-of-Influence Regression (WREG)
WREG.UWWeighted-Multiple-Linear Regression Program (WREG)
wregValidationValidation Scheme for WREG
WREG.WLSWeighted-Multiple-Linear Regression Program (WREG)
xcorPlotExploring correlation function
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