Man pages for whitneyworley/HighDim2Means
Test Difference of 2 Mean Vectors in High Dimension

bsTestBai Sarandasa Test
corrCovarianceCorrelated Block Covariance Matrix
cqTestChen-Qin Test
crsTestWorley Clustered Random Subspaces
crsTest2Burrow Clustered Random Subspaces
csTestZhang and Pan Cluster Subspaces Test
dempTestDempster Test
hotellingT2Performs Hotelling T2 Test
rsTestThulin's Random Subspaces
sdTestSrivastava-Du Test
shiftedMeanShifted Mean Vector for Data Generation
skTestSrivastava-Kubokawa Test
smpTestSrivastava T+2 Test
svdReducedPairSVD Reduction for High Dimensional Data Pairs.
svdReducedPair2SVD Reduction for High Dimensional Data Pairs.
svdTestSVD Test
varClustersClustering Variables
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