Man pages for wikimedia/wikimedia-discovery-polloi
Common Functionality for Wikimedia Dashboards

automata_selectStandardised Input Selector for Automata Filtering
capitalize_first_letterCapitalize First Letter Of Every Word
cbind_fillSafely Combine R Objects of Variying Lengths by Columns
check_notifyCheck 'n' Notify
compressConvert Numeric Values to use SI suffixes
cond_colorSelect a Colour Conditionally
cond_iconSelect an appropriate directional icon
custom_axis_formatterCustom Axis Formatter
data_selectConditionally Select A Dataset
get_country_stateAll Countries and U.S. States
get_langprojWikimedia Language-Project Tuples
get_prefixesWikimedia Language Prefixes
get_projectsWikimedia Projects
get_sample_dataGet the latest Wikidata Query Service usage data
get_us_stateU.S. States and Regions
halfSample Half an Object
make_dygraphConstruct a Standard Wikimedia Discovery Dygraph
na_boxBad Data Value Box
parse_wikiidParse Wikiid into Language-Project
percent_changeCalculate a Percentage Change
portal_regionsCountries and Regions with Traffic to
read_datasetRead Datasets from datasets.wikimedia
reorder_columnsReorder Columns Based On Last Observed Value
safe_tailSafely retrieve the last N values from an object
smart_paletteIntelligently choose the correct color palette
smootherDynamically Smooth Data
smooth_selectStandardised Input Selector for Smoothing
smooth_switchSwitch between global and local smoothing
subset_by_date_rangeSubset a data frame by a date range
timeframe_daterangeStandardized Date Range Selector for Time Frame
time_frame_rangeGet The Time Range
timeframe_selectStandardized Drop-down Selector for Time Frame
update_portal_regionsUpdate Country and Region Names with Traffic to
update_prefixesUpdate internal index of language prefixes.
update_projectsUpdate internal index of wiki projects.
wdqs_usageWikidata Query Service usage dataset
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