Various functions supporting data handling in an atmospheric chemistry PhD

To install:

# Install package

Included Functions:

aircraft_cal_flags Data Handling Takes Aircraft NOx (AQD) and recalculates concentration data from in flight calibration information

%b% Data Handling Between Operator, returns logical comparison of numerical lhs to a numerical pair on rhs

BTT_calibration_profile Data Handling Produces a profile of the corrected calibration paramaters from the BTT AQD NOx instrument at a 1 min average

BTT_parse_1hz_met Data Handling Processed the 1Hz met data from BTT met station into cleaned 1 min data

bt_fastnox_param_monitor Data Handling Produces a quick monitor file from the AQD NOx insturment at the BT Tower

date_from_decimal_day Data Handling converts DOY.decimalday into a POSIXct object

exp_day_comparison Experiment When Given a date, it is compared to the average of a user specified number of previous day of week (i.e X previous wednesdays) and previous days

exp_unique_event Experiment Componenent of exp_day_comparison that handels day of week only

exp_unique_event_days Experiment Componenent of exp_day_comparison that handels days only

find_ranges Data Handling Used to return ranges of rows where a valve has switched from 0 to 1 or vice versa. Improves upon find_cal_range and find_zero_range

flagdata Data Handling Used to flag the data from the BT Tower

flight_range_subset Data Handling Creates list of range events in a flight

get_DOY Data Handling Returns DOY.decialday from a POSIXct date

length_of_lat(lon) Data Handling For a given latitude in degrees, return the length of 1 degree lat(lon)

loop_group Data Handling For plotting cyclic data i.e diurnal profiles, create a final group equivalent to the first group, so the plots can start and end in the same place.

mol_dict_query Chemistry Query a small database of molecules relevant to atmospheric chemistry for simple parameters such as mol weight, mdq() is a wrapper for this

process.aircraft Data Handling Reads in an AQD NOx aircraft file and runs aircraft_cal_flags, prodcuing quicklook and full outputs

Plot Flight Legs Plotting Creates plots of the flight and its sections cloured by supplied parameters

read.aircraft File Handling Reads in an aircraft CSV and creates the UNIX_TS column used by aircraft_cal_flag

read.eddypro File Handling Read is the eddy pro output file into a tidy dataframe

read.faam_flight_sum File Handling Reads in the FAAM flight summary

read.faam_ncdf File Handling Takes the NetCDF for FAAM flight data and returns the key columns

read.1D_ncdf File Handling Reads all variables for a given dimention in a one dimentional NCDF

reshape_pan Data Processing Reshapes the PAN instrument output into a sensible timeseries

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