Man pages for wilsoncai1992/adaptest
Data-adaptive test statistics for multiple testing in high dimensions

ASimulated differential expression data with one exposure
adaptestData-adaptive Statistics for High-Dimensional Multiple...
adaptest_oldOLD Data-Adaptive Algorithm Implementation (for reference...
adapTMLE-classConstructor for class adaptmle
bioadaptestData Adaptive Multiple Testing for Computational Biology
cv_param_estCompute data-adaptive parameter estimate for a single...
data_adaptS3-Style Constructor for Data Adaptive Parameter Class
get_compositionDecomposition tables of the data-adaptive parameter after...
get_pvalCompute p-values based on asymptotic normality
get_significant_biomarkerExtract statistically significant biomarkers
plot.data_adaptGeneric plot method for data_adapt class
print.data_adaptGeneric print method for data_adapt class
rank_DECompute ranking of biomarkers by sorting effect sizes
rank_ttestCompute ranking of biomarkers by sorting t-test p-values
shinyprint.data_adaptMethod of 'shinyprint' for objects of class 'data_adapt'
summary.data_adaptSummary tables of the 'adaptest' object
YSimulated differential expression data with one exposure
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