Man pages for wilsoncai1992/onestep.survival
One-step TMLE for survival analysis

check_and_preprocess_dataValidate and preprocess the data
check_positivityCheck positivity assumption of input data
compute_onestep_update_matrixPerform one-step TMLE update of survival curve
compute_step_cdfcompute cumulative distribution function of a step-shaped...
create_step_funcgenerate step function object using y value and corresponding...
create_Yt_vectorcompute I\{T.tilde >= t\}
create_Yt_vector_with_censorcompute I\{T.tilde >= t, Delta = 1\}
estimate_censoring_SLwrapper for censoring regression SuperLearner
estimateHazardsConditional Hazard estimation in survtmle package From...
estimate_hazard_SLwrapper for conditonal hazard regression SuperLearner
l2_inner_prod_stepcompute l2 inner product of two step functions
makeDataListgenerate data.frame to be used in survtmle package
onestep_single_tOne-step TMLE estimator for survival at specific time point
onestep_single_t_loopallOne-step TMLE estimator for survival at specific time point;...
plot.surv_onestepPlot the survival curve estimator
plot.surv_survtmlePlot the survival curve estimator
summarize_weightssummarize propensity score weights from surv_onestep object
surv_onestepOne-step TMLE estimator for survival curve
surv_onestep_completeOne-step TMLE estimator for survival curve (No censoring)
surv_onestep_differenceOne-step TMLE estimator for survival curve
survtmle_multi_tIterative TMLE for survival curve
survtmle_single_tIterative TMLE for survival curve at specific time point
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