Man pages for windyzn/urinaryDBP

analyze_geeRun GEE on prepared project data
box_plot_posterBoxplots where the colour theme matches ada poster
box_plot_slidesBoxplots where the colour theme matches health template...
fetch_dataFetch data from the original source
gee_plotGEE Plot
interactionInteraction with time
line_plotLine Plot
load_dataLoad the data found in data/.
med_aceDetailed classification of medication data to include ACE...
plot_gee_mainPlot GEE results in a forest plot-style
prep_gee_dataPrepare the project data for analysis through GEE
rename_table_rowsRenames variables in data set to improve understanding and...
scatter_plot_posterScatterplot where the colour theme matches ada poster
set_optionsSet options for all documents and scripts.
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