Man pages for wolass/anareg
Functions used in the analysis of the Anaphylaxis Registry

all.fPlots a base boxplot with significant multiple comparisons.
anareg-packageThis package contains functions to evaluate the Anaphylaxis...
AutomaticOR.procMakes a list of odds ratios between levels of two variables.
cc.restrictorMake complete cases data base for AIC analysis.
make.anascoreMakes ANAscore variable with the given set of predefined...
make.naDeletes the "UNKNOWN" variable levels from the factor.
m_chiQuickly measure multiple chi sq tests out of many variables
plot_oddsMakes a plot of odds ratios from a regression model.
show.oddsCalculates the odds ratios for the predictors of regression...
which.restrictsTells which variable to eliminate to get more observations.
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