Man pages for woobe/predictr
My favourite routines for developing and evaluating predictive models in R

batch_writeWriting data to CSV file in batch mode
eval_xgb_kappaCustom Evaluation Functions for xgboost
eval_xgb_rmpseCustom Evaluation Functions for xgboost
get_modeGetting the mode value
multi2ovaConvert multi-class targets into One-vs-All targets
normaliseNormalise a data frame or matrix
quick_tuneQuick paramemters tuning using caret
remove_highcorrRemove highly correlated predictors
select_featuresFeature Selection using Caret's Random Forest Approach
select_fea_xgbFeature selection using xgboost
SL_train_reg_xgbSuper Learner Training - xgboost
split_by_xSpliting data into training/tuning/holdation based on...
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