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Connect to a remote server (launch the client).


client(addr = "localhost", port = 55555, password = NULL,
  prompt = "remoter", timer = FALSE, serialversion = NULL)



The remote host/address/endpoint.


The port (number) that will be used for communication between the client and server. The port value for the client and server must agree.


An initial password to pass to the server. If the server is not accepting passwords, then this argument is ignored. If the initial pasword is incorrect, then assuming the server's maxretry>1, then you will be interactively asked to enter the password.


The prompt to use to delineate the client from the normal R REPL.


Logical; should the "performance prompt", which shows timing statistics after every command, be used?


NULL or numeric; the workspace format version to use when serializing. NULL specifies the current default version. The only other supported values are 2 and 3.


The port values between the client and server must agree. If they do not, this can cause the client to hang. The client is a specialized REPL that intercepts commands sent through the R interpreter. These commands are then sent from the client to and evaluated on the server. The client communicates over ZeroMQ with the server using a REQ/REP pattern. Both commands (from client to server) and returns (from server to client) are handled in this way.

To shut down the server and the client, see exit().


Returns TRUE invisibly on successful exit.

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