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Spatial Point Pattern Test

areas.spSix spatial units of analysis
points1.spBase Points dataset: 9 points
points2.spTest Points dataset: 10 points
spptPerforms Andresen's Spatial Point Pattern Test
sppt_bootPerforms a Spatial Point Pattern Test with resampling of both...
sppt_diffPerforms a Spatial Point Pattern Test following Wheeler et...
summary.globalS.robustA convenience function to output the robust global S-value
summary.globalS.standardA convenience function to output the standard global S-value
summary.spptA convenience function to output S-values
vancouver_areas.spVanvouver data: 108 spatial units of analysis
vancouver_points1.spBase Points dataset: 14585 crimes occuring in Vancouver
vancouver_points2.spTest Points dataset: 14784 crimes occuring in Vancouver
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