Man pages for wuergh/eRle
R functions for personal use.

call.tcga.cnasCall copy numbers from TCGA level 3 data Kaplan-Meier estimate of censoring distribution at time...
colour.code.cnasColour code CNAs confidence interval string.
datestamp.filenameGenerate date-stamped filename a factor to the numeric values in factor levels
fg.model.ipcwIPCW for Fine-Gray model
geometric.meanCalculate geometric mean
get.wrapped.termExtract wrapped term from formula
head.catPrint head of an arbitrary number of objects.
integer.codedInteger code a vector
interleaveInterleave two vectors. Any overhang due to mismatching...
km.plotPlot Kaplan-Meier curves.
lhsLatin hypercube sampling
revdGenerate obervations from extreme value distribution
rnorm.bivariateGenerate samples from a bivariate normal distribution based...
source.directorySource directory
str.catDisplay structure of an arbitrary number of objects.
truncate.survivalTruncate survival
varied.reprep function extended to support variable number of repeats...
vital.status.knownKnown vital status indicator
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