Man pages for wush978/RzmqJobQueue
A Job Queue

clear_job_finishclear_job_finish Clear the list of finished job
clear_job_processingclear_job_processing Clear the hash values in redis of jobs...
clear_job_queueclear_job_queue Clear the job queue
commit_jobCommit a list of jobs to redis server
do_jobdo_job Ask a job from the server, execute it, and report. To...
gen_job_setGenerate a set of jobs
init_serverinit_server Connect to the redis server.
init_workerinit_worker Ask the server how to initialize
pop_job_finishpop_job_finish Return the first job in the list of finished...
pop_job_processingpop_job_processing Return the job in the hash values in redis...
pop_job_queuepop_job_queue Return the first job in the queue
push_job_finishpush_job_finish Add job to the list of finished job in redis
push_job_processingpush_job_processing Add job to hash values in redis
push_job_queuepush_job_queue Add job to the job queue in redis
query_job_errorquery_job_error Dump the jobs which occurred errors. This...
query_job_finishquery_job_finish Dump the jobs which is finished This...
query_job_processingquery_job_processing Dump the jobs which is under executing...
query_job_queuequery_job_queue Dump the jobs in the job queue for...
RzmqJobQueueConfigure RzmqJobQueue
wait_workerwait_worker Listen to a specific port for workers and assign...
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