Man pages for wwbrannon/schemeR
Ports of Lisp/Scheme Features to R

assignmentAssignment operators
basic-aliasesLisp-friendly basic aliases
composeCompose functions
connectivesConjunction and disjunction
curryPartial function application
flow-controlFlow-control operators
for.eachZipped function application
funprog-extraAdditional higher-order functions
gensymBuild a temporary symbol
lambdaConstruct an anonymous function in infix code
lexicalLexical binding constructs
list-accessList/vector access functions
list-utilitiesList utilities
macroLisp macros for R
member-ifSearching for tails of sequences
nonbinary-comparisonNon-binary comparison operators
numericNumeric functions
prefixFacilities for writing R code in prefix notation
quasiquotePartial quoting in expressions
schemeRWrite R code in a Lisp-like form
schemeR-packageschemeR: Make R more like Lisp/Scheme
zipTransposition of sequences
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