Man pages for xanadunf/matchbook
Wrapper for the API

matchbookWrapper for the API
mb_bet_cancelPerform a Bet Cancel Action
mb_bet_placePerform a Bet Placement Action
mb_bet_updatePerform a Bet Update Action
mb_get_balanceGet List of Current Bets on Matchbook
mb_get_betsGet List of Current Bets on Matchbook
mb_get_currenciesGet List of Available Currencies
mb_get_eventsGet List of Available Events
mb_get_marketsGet List of Available Markets for a given Event
mb_get_runnersGet List of Available Runners for a given Market
mb_get_settledGet Details of Settled Bets
mb_get_sportsGet List of Available Sports
mb_loginLogin and Authenticate with the API
mb_logoutTerminate a API session
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