Man pages for xiamaz/flowProc
Flowcytometry data preprocessing tools

CreateLapplyParallelize functions with lapplies
FcsSelectMarkersReduce flowframe to specified set of marker channels.
FilterChannelMajorityReturn flowframes with common channels and selected channels.
FilterEntriesReturn boolean vector for a list based on filter
FilterEntryReturn bool for entry depending on whether it matches filter
FlowEntry-classS4 class representing a flowframe with additional metadata
GetFileAutomatically check if file needs to be downloaded prior to...
GetFilepathGet Filepath from FlowEntry
GetFilesGet filenames in path
GroupByGroup list by specific field
JsonToS4Convert list of data from json to S4 objects Keep grouping of...
MarkerOccurencesGet distribution of marker channels across whole dataset.
PathExistsCheck if path exists
ProcessSingleLoad and filter single file info entry
PutFileAutomatically check if outputpath needs uploading to S3
ReadDatasetJsonRead jSON info file with additional case metainformation
ReadFileLoad single fcs file into a file matrix
RemoveDuplicatesRemove duplicates with same filename from file matrix.
RemoveMarginalRemove marginal cells
RowToS4Convert a single case row to a list of S4 objects for this...
TransformChannelsTransform flowcytometric marker channels.
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