Man pages for xinyue-L/PML
Penalized Multi-Band Learning for Circadian Rhythm Analysis Using Actigraphy

act_plottrelliscope auxillary function
bandSelectPenalized multi-band learning function
fft.harmonicFFT auxillary function
formFunction to generate activity data frame for penalized...
gharmonicharmonic analysis test: g-value calculation
ind_plottrelliscope auxillary function
ind_to_daytrelliscope auxillary function
lis3An example of individual activity data
pa3An example of reformated individual activity data
pharmonicHarmonic analysis test: p-value calculation
PML-packagePenalized Multi-Band Learning for Circadian Rhythm Analysis...
test.harmonicHarmonic analysis test for Fast Fourier Transform
treTrelliscope Visualization for Accelerometer Data
var3Demographic information for individuals in datasets lis3 and...
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