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Retrieve Data From CSO StatBank

getDESDataDownload Data From Department of Education and Skills...
getDoEHLGDataDownload Data From Department of Housing, Planning, Community...
getHRBDataDownload Data From Health Research Board Web Site
getIMDODataDownload Data From Irish Maritime Development Office...
getPRTBDataDownload Data From Residential Tenancies Board Web Site
getSEAIDataDownload Data From Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland...
getStatBankDataDownload Data From CSO StatBank
NAHNational Accounts Historical Series 1970 to 1995
px2colConvert px Object to Column-Orientated Dataframe
px2rowConvert px Object to Row-Orientated Dataframe
px2tsConvert px Object to ts (or mts) Object
px_files_urlsURLs to PC-AXIS files on CSO StatBank
statbanker-packageDownload Data From CSO StatBank
update_DES_urlsUpdate PC-AXIS file URLs
update_DoEHLG_urlsUpdate PC-AXIS file URLs
update_HRB_urlsUpdate PC-AXIS file URLs
update_IMDO_urlsUpdate PC-AXIS file URLs
update_PRTB_urlsUpdate PC-AXIS file URLs
update_SEAI_urlsUpdate PC-AXIS file URLs
updateURLsUpdate PC-AXIS file URLs
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