Man pages for xrobin/DeepLearning
Deep Learning of neural networks

cCombine DeepBeliefNets, RestrictedBolzmannMachines and Layers...
cloneClone a DBN or RBM
ComparisonLayers equality testing
continue.functionsContinue functions
DeepBeliefNetInitialize a Deep Belief Net
DeepLearningDeep Learning Toolbox
dropDrop a DeepBeliefNet
energyEnergy of the Deep Belief Net or Restricted Bolzmann Machine.
errorCompute Reconstruction Error
ExtractExtract or Replace Layers of a Deep Belief Net
LayerLayer of a DeepBeliefNet
lengthLength (or depth) of a DeepBeliefNet
mnistPre-trained and fine-tuned DeepBeliefNets for the MNIST...
predictPredict Methods for Deep Belief Nets and Restricted Bolzman...
pretrainPre-trains the DeepBeliefNet or RestrictedBolzmannMachine
printPrint a Deep Belief Net
reconstructReconstruct data through a Deep Belief Nets and Restricted...
resampleSampling Methods for Deep Belief Nets and Restricted Bolzman...
RestrictedBolzmannMachineInitialize a Restricted Bolzman Machine
revReverse a Deep Belief Net
trainFine-tunes the DeepBeliefNet
unrollUnroll the Deep Belief Net
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