Man pages for xrobin/xavamess
Useful Miscellaneous Functions

autoParApply*apply with auto-parallelization if available
diffdensity.plotPlot the difference of densities between two distributions 1...
elongateElongates a pseudo-wide column
getMartGet the Mart corresponding the Ensembl version and species
grapes-equals-grapesTest for near equality of two vectors
grapes-plus-grapesConcatenate two character strings without any whitespace.
guessCoresGuesses a number of CPU to use for parallel calls
lettersToDecimalConverts a letters-based representation into normal base 10...
loadToLoad to a list of environment Loads an R dataset written with...
mktempCreate a temporary file securely
na.warnRemove missing values with a warning
pseudo.wideA dummy data set in pseudo-wide format
rank.normalizeRank normalization
safe.mappingMaps with a left_join, ensuring constant number of rows
seq_rangeGenerate a regular sequence from a range of values
setdiff_symmetricSymmetric setdiff
sparse.extract.indexSparse indexing of matrices
xavamess-packageVarious useful functions
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