Man pages for xxzcool/scoremodel
Credit Scoring Modeling Toolbox

collEliminationCollinearity Elimination Automatically
collElimination2Collinearity Elimination by Giving Variables' IV
convertCutPointsAuxiliary Function: Convert Cut Points to Cutbound
convertTypeConvert Types of Variables
CreditDataAbout 20,000 fictional credit records.
crossValidationCross Validation for Score Model
Curve_DataAuxiliary Function: Create the Appropriate Data Structure for...
delFewValuesDelete Variables Based on Number of Different Values
delNArateCompute and Delete NA Rate of Variable
delSinvalPercentDelete Variables Based on Single-Value Percent
dfBinningFunGenerate WOE Configuration List Automatically
dfIVCompute Sum IV of All X Variables
excludeColAuxiliary Function: Exclude Columns in Data Frame
executeBinFun_dfExecute Binning on Dataset
extfromFitAuxiliary Function: Extract Elements From Fit Object
fread_basedictRead Dataset Based on Data-dictionary
genConfigListGenerate WOE Configuration List Manually
getEqualFreqCutsAuxiliary Function: Improved Equal-Frequency Binning
getIVCompute the Given Binning IV
getWOECompute the Given Binning WOE
insertElementAuxiliary Function: Insert Elements into Vector
LRfitLogistic Regression Model Training by Stepwise
LRpredictLogistic Regression Model Predicting
maxSinvalPercentGet the Max Percents of All Variable's Single-Value
myCurvesModel Performance Visualization
myksCompute KS Value of Score Model
preBinningFunVariable Pre-Binning, then Computing WOE and IV
psiCompute the PSI Index of Score Model
rawPredictFun_dfPredict p Value of Entire Raw Dataset
smbinning2Auxiliary Function: Optimally Binning of Given Variable
splitDataSplitting Dataset into Train and Test Set
sumIVAuxiliary Function: Compute Sum IV of Given Variable
transformScoreTransform Prediction to Standard Score
woeEncodeFun_dfEncode Dataset as WOE
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