Man pages for yangx227/SimmonsResearchR
An implementation of R functions used in Stat team.

amelia_imputeMissing imputation with Amelia.
append_donor_dataAppend assigned attributes in donor file to the fused data.
attributes_appendAppend attributes of the common variables in both source and...
combine_comparison_resultsCombine several comparison results into one excel...
combine_lrm_modelsCombine Logistic Regression Models
diff_compareCompare two datasets based on relative changes, ztest and...
dummy_recodesCreation of dummy variables.
lrm_modelLogistic Regression Model
sample_balanceSample balancing processing with a k-factor.
sample_balance_initInitialize sample balancing process.
save_model_excelSave models to spreadsheet.
score_model_dataModel Deployment: Score model data.
score_new_dataModel Deployment: Score the new data based on the model.
stat_matchStatistical matching with StatMatch.
vars_redun_olsThe choice of the optimal matching variables based on OLS.
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