Man pages for yannabraham/hilbertSimilarity
Hilbert Similarity Index for High Dimensional Data

add.cutAdd New Cut Thresholds
do.cutApply Cuts to the Reference Matrix
do.hilbertGenerate the Hilbert Index from a Cut Reference Matrice
hilbertMappingMap High Dimensional Coordinates to Hilbert Index and back
hilbert.orderEstimate the Hilbert order for a given matrix
hilbertProjectionProject a Cut Reference Matrix to a Different Space through...
hilbertSimilarityHilbert Similarity Index for High Dimensional Data
js.distCompute the Jensen-Shannon Distance between 2 sets of Hilbert...
localMaximaFind Local Maxima in a vector
localMinimaFind Local Minima in a vector
make.cutGenerate Cutting Points for a Multidimensional Matrix
plotHilbertProjectionA simple helper function to plot projected Hilbert curves
show.cutPlot the cuts generated through make.cut
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