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Value Investment With R

get_52_w_hlGet 52 Week Price High and Low from Google Finance.
get_avg_volumeGet Average Trading Volume from TSE.
get_epsGet EPS from Statementdog.
get_four_year_profitGet Profit After Tax from Statementdog.
get_inv_to_ratioGet Inventory Turnover Ratio from Statementdog.
get_listed_dateGet Listed Date from Yahoo! Stock.
get_listed_daysGet Listed Days from Yahoo! Stock.
get_mkt_capGet Market Capitalization from Google Finance.
get_n_month_sales_yoyGet Monthly Sales YOY from Yahoo! Stock.
get_op_income_ratioGet Operating Income Ratio from Statementdog.
get_quarterly_free_cfGet Quarterly Free Cash Flow from Statementdog
get_quarterly_profitGet Quarterly Profit After Tax from Statementdog.
get_three_year_free_cfGet Three Years of Free Cash Flow
get_tse_topGet Top Ranking TSE Stocks Regarding to Price From Yahoo!...
has_kyDetermines If a Character Ends with -KY
lazy_screenerCollects All Necessary Metrics for Mr.Huang's Strategy
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