Man pages for yclement/PepsNMR
Pre-process 1H-NMR FID signals

ApodizationApodization of the FID
BaselineCorrectionSet the baseline to a uniform zero signal.
BucketingSpectral data reduction
DrawDraw signals or their PCA scores/loadings.
DrawPCADraw the PCA scores or loadings of the signals
DrawSignalDraw Signals
FirstOrderPhaseCorrectionPerform a first order phase correction.
FourierTransformApplies the fourier transforationm to the FIDs.
GroupDelayCorrectionPerform a first order phase correction.
InternalReferencingChemical shift referencing.
NegativeValuesZeroingZeroing of negative values.
NormalizationNormalizes the spectra
PEPSNMR-internalInternal PepsNMR Functions
PEPSNMR-packageMetabolomic data pre-processing strategy for 1H NMR...
PreprocessingChainProprocessing workflow for 1H-NMR data
ReadFidsRead FIDs in Bruker format from a directory
RegionRemovalRemoval of non-informative regions
SolventSuppressionSuppress the Solvent signal present in each FID.
WarpingWarping of the spectra
WindowSelectionSpectral window selection
ZeroFillingZero Filling
ZeroOrderPhaseCorrectionZero Order Phase Correction
ZoneAggregationAggregates the values in a given ppm interval.
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