Man pages for yclough/ecodeal
Functions for economic-ecological analyses of agricultural landscapes

computeFloralNestingCompute floral and nesting resource values for...
edgearea_exampleEdge area data
growth.funcDefines pollinator population growth function
kerncalcExponential kernel computation
kerncalc_mortExponential kernel computation, with mortality
kerncalc_oldExponential kernel computation, old version
landuse_exampleLand-use data
latfordispApply kernels to model foraging or dispersal in space
model3Multidiversity model 3
model5Multidiversity model 5
multidivComputes multidiversity estimates for land-use crop-cover...
nozNo zero helper function
parametersPollination model parameter values
parameters.bcsbSpring barley aphid biocontrol model parameter values
rastergenGenerate random crop rasterstacks
runpollPollinator model function
springbarley_biocontrolSpringbarley aphid biocontrol model function
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