Linreg RC class


linreg is a pilot RC project to carry out linear regression. Given \code{formula} and data source \code{data}, it will find the best fitted linear regression model.

Plus, there is a QR-decomposation presented which is called when qr set TRUE to carry out linear regression in a robust way. Also a Linköping University's theme has been embedded into the plot.


formula, a suggested linear regression model data, a data source used to train the model guo, a list of key results from regression, including Coefficients, FittedValues, Residuals, FreedomDegree, VarianceResiduals, StdErrorResiduals, VarianceCoefficients, StdError, Tcoefficients, Possibility, X, Y, Formula, Data, VariableNames.


print() print out the coefficients and coefficient names, similar as done by the lm class plot() plot the following two plots using ggplot2. Remember to include ggplot2 in your package resid() return the vector of residuals pred() return the predicted values coef() return the coefficients as a named vector summary() return a printout including the coefficients with their standard error, t-value and p-value as well as the standard error of residuals and the degrees of freedom in the model.

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