Man pages for yinscapital/googleAuthR-reference
Easy Authentication with Google OAuth2 API

applyDataParseFunctionApply parsing function if a good response
AuthenticationR6 environment to store authentication credentials
authReturnCodeReturns the authentication parameter "code" in redirected...
check_cached_scopesCheck token scopes
checkGoogleAPIErrorGet Google API errors
checkTokenAPICheck API data token
check.UrlChecks Urls are in right format for API request
createCodeCreates a random character code
doBatchRequestBatch Requests
doHttrRequestGet URL content based on if its Shiny or local
error.messageGet the error message
gar_api_generatorgoogleAuthR data fetch function generator
gar_attach_auto_authAuto Authentication function for use within .onAttach
gar_authAuthorize 'googleAuthR'
gar_auth_jsShiny JavaScript Google Authorisation [Server Module]
gar_auth_jsUIShiny JavaScript Google Authorisation [UI Module]
gar_auth_serviceJSON service account authentication
gar_auto_authPerform auto authentication
gar_batchTurn a list of gar_fetch_functions into batch functions
gar_batch_walkWalk data through batches
gar_cache_set_locSet cache location
gar_cache_setupSetup where to put cache
gar_create_api_objectsCreate the API objects from the Discovery API
gar_create_api_skeletonCreate an API library skeleton
gar_create_packageCreate a Google API package
gar_discovery_apiGet meta data details for specified Google API
gar_discovery_apis_listGet a list of Google API libraries
gar_gce_authAuthenticate on Google Compute Engine
gar_gce_auth_emailGet the service email via GCE metadata
gar_js_getTokenCreate a httr token from a js token
gar_shiny_getAuthUrlReturns the Google authentication URL
gar_shiny_getTokenReturns the authentication Token.
gar_shiny_getUrlGet the Shiny Apps URL.
gar_token_infoGet current token summary
get_google_tokenRetrieve Google token from environment and configs for httr
googleAuthServer side google auth (Shiny Module)
googleAuthRgoogleAuthR: Easy Authentication with Google OAuth2 APIs
googleAuthUIA Login button (Shiny Module)
is.errorIs this a try error?
is_legit_tokenCheck that token appears to be legitimate
is.NullObA helper function that tests whether an object is either NULL...
is_shinyIs this a valid shiny session object?
loginOutputLogin/logout Shiny output
makeBatchRequestMake the batch request inner content
myMessageCustom message log level
parseBatchResponseParse batch request
postwalkWalk into a list
reactiveAccessTokenCreate a reactive Google OAuth2 token
renderLoginRender a Google API Authentication Login/logout button
replace.kvCreate a modified list
retryRequestReTry API requests for certain errors using exponential...
revokeEventObserverListens for a user revoking authentication
RFC_convertConverts RFC3339 to as.Date
rmNullObsRecursively step down into list, removing all such objects
split_vectorsplit a vector on an element
substitute.listSubstitute in a (nested) list
token_existsCheck if authorization currently in force
with_shinyTurn a googleAuthR data fetch function into a Shiny...
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