Man pages for yinscapital/searchConsoleR-reference
Google Search Console R Client

add_sitemapSubmit a sitemap.
add_websiteAdds website to Search Console
check.UrlChecks Urls are in right format for API request
crawl_errorsFetch a time-series of Googlebot crawl errors.
delete_sitemapDelete a sitemap.
delete_websiteDeletes website in Search Console
error_sample_urlShows details of errors for individual sample URLs
fix_sample_urlMark As Fixed the individual sample URLs
is.errorIs this a try error?
is.valid.category.platformChecks valid parameters for Google Search Console
list_crawl_error_samplesLists a site's sample URLs for crawl errors.
list_sitemapsGets sitemap information for the URL supplied.
list_websitesRetrieves dataframe of websites user has in Search Console
lookupCountryCodeLook up the country codes
parse_crawlerrorsParsing function for 'crawl_errors'
parse_crawlerror_sampleParsing function for 'list_crawl_error_samples'
parseDimFilterGroupHelper function for the query dimension filters
parse_errorsample_urlParsing function for 'error_sample_url'
parse_search_analyticsParsing function for 'search_analytics'
parse_sitemapsParsing function for 'list_sitemaps'
RFC_convertConverts RFC3339 to as.Date
scr_authDo OAuth2 authentication
search_analyticsQuery search traffic keyword data
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