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You Only Lookup One (small part of an otherwise large matrix)

calcKNNgraph_euclideanCalculate k Nearest Neighbors from Euclidean distance metric
calcKNNgraph_pearsonCalculate k Nearest Neighbors from Pearson distance metric
getvaluesEvaluate an 'rseHandle' object and return a...
plus-yoloHandle-yoloHandle-methodCombining together multiple rseHandle objects
subsetByOverlaps-rseHandle-GRanges-methodSubset an 'rseHandle' object by region defined in a 'GRanges'...
yoloyolo: You Only Lookup One (small part of an otherwise large...
yoloHandleMakeCreate an 'seHandle/rseHandle' object
yoloHandleSubsetSubset a 'yoloHandle' object
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