Man pages for yixuan/fdaplus
Enhancement of the 'fda' package for functional data analysis

arithmetic-methodsArithmetic Operations of Functional Data Objects
basis_bsCreating B-spline Basis Functions
basis_fourierCreating Fourier Basis Functions
basis-plus-classBasis Functions for Functional Data
bifd_newCreating A Bivariate Function Using Basis Expansion
bifd-plus-classBivariate Function Using Basis Expansion
bspline-plus-classB-spline Basis Functions
c.fd-plusCombining Multiple Univariate Functional Data Objects
fd_newCreating A Univariate Functional Data Object
fd-plus-classUnivariate Functional Data Object
feval-methodsEvaluating A Functional Data Object
fourier-plus-classFourier Basis Functions
inprod-methodsCalculating Inner Products between Functional Data Objects
mean-methodsMean Function of Univariate Functinoal Data
penmat-methodsCalculating the Basis Penalty Matrix
plot-methodsVisualizing A Functional Data Object
subsetter-methodsSubsetting A Functional Data Object
wrapConverting Objects in the 'fda' Package into their...
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