Man pages for yjalbert/htmltools
Tools for HTML

as.tagsConvert a value to tags
browsableMake an HTML object browsable
builderHTML Builder Functions
copyDependencyToDirCopy an HTML dependency to a directory
cssCSS string helper
findDependenciesCollect attached dependencies from HTML tag object
HTMLMark Characters as HTML
htmlDependenciesHTML dependency metadata
htmlDependencyDefine an HTML dependency
htmlEscapeEscape HTML entities
htmlPreservePreserve HTML regions
html_printImplementation of the print method for HTML
htmlTemplateProcess an HTML template
includeInclude Content From a File
knitr_methodsKnitr S3 methods
makeDependencyRelativeMake an absolute dependency relative
print.htmlPrint method for HTML/tags
renderDependenciesCreate HTML for dependencies
renderDocumentRender an html_document object
renderTagsRender tags into HTML
resolveDependenciesResolve a list of dependencies
save_htmlSave an HTML object to a file
singletonInclude content only once
singleton_toolsSingleton manipulation functions
subtractDependenciesSubtract dependencies
suppressDependenciesSuppress web dependencies
tagHTML Tag Object
urlEncodePathEncode a URL path
validateCssUnitValidate proper CSS formatting of a unit
withTagsEvaluate an expression using 'tags'
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