Man pages for ymmah/AzureSMR
Manage and Interact with Azure Resources

azureAuthenticateAuthenticates against Azure Active directory application.
azureBlobCDAzure blob change current directory.
azureBlobFindFind file in a storage account directory.
azureBlobLSList blob blobs in a storage account directory.
azureCancelDeployCancel template deployment.
azureCheckTokenCheck the timestamp of a token and renew if needed.
azureCreateHDICreate HDInsight cluster.
azureCreateResourceGroupCreate a resourceGroup.
azureCreateStorageAccountCreate an Azure Storage Account.
azureCreateStorageContainerCreate Storage containers in a specified Storage Account.
azureDeleteBlobDelete a specifed storage blob.
azureDeleteDeployDelete template deployment.
azureDeleteHDIDelete HDInsight cluster.
azureDeleteResourceGroupDelete a resourceGroup with all Resources.
azureDeletestorageAccountDelete an Azure Storage Account.
azureDeleteStorageContainerDelete Storage container in a specified Storage Account.
azureDeleteVMDelete a Virtual Machine.
azureDeployStatusCheck template deployment Status.
azureDeployTemplateDeploy a resource from an Azure Resource Manager (ARM)...
azureGetBlobGet contents from a specifed storage blob.
azureHDIConfGet configuration information for a specified cluster name.
azureHiveSQLSubmit SQL command to Hive Service.
azureHiveStatusGet Status of a HDI Hive Service / version.
azureListAllResourcesGet all Resource in default Subscription.
azureListHDIGet all HDInsight Clusters in default Subscription or details...
azureListRGGet all resource groups in subscription ID.
azureListSAList storage accounts.
azureListScaleSetNetworkList load balancers and ip addresses in a resource group
azureListScaleSetsList scale sets within a resource group.
azureListScaleSetVMList VMs within a scale set
azureListStorageBlobsList storage blobs for specified storage account.
azureListStorageContainersList Storage containers for Specified Storage Account.
azureListSubscriptionsGet available subscriptions.
azureListVMList VMs in a Subscription.
azurePutBlobWrite contents to a specifed storage blob.
azureResizeHDIResize a HDInsight cluster role.
azureRunScriptActionRun script action on HDI cluster.
azureSAGetKeyGet the Storage Keys for Specified Storage Account.
azureScriptActionHistoryGet all HDInsight script action history for a specified...
azureSparkCMDSend Spark Statements/comamnds (REPL/Interactive mode).
azureSparkJobSubmit Spark Job (Batch mode).
azureSparkListJobsList Spark Jobs (Batch mode).
azureSparkListSessionsList Spark Sessions.
azureSparkNewSessionCreate new Spark Session.
azureSparkShowURLShow Spark log Output.
azureSparkStopSessionStop a Spark Sessions.
azureStartVMStart a Virtual Machine.
azureStopVMStop a Virtual Machine.
azureVMStatusGet Status of a Virtual Machine.
createAzureContextCreate an Azure Context.
InternalazureActiveContext object.
pkg-deprecatedDumps out the contents of the AzureContext.
setAzureContextUpdates azureActiveContext object.
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