Man pages for yoni/p2plending
Analysis of p2p loans

loanRandomForestGenerates a random forest predicting loan charge offs.
LoanStatsNewA small sample of loan data.
LoanStatsNew.csvA small sample of loan data.
p2plendingA package for analyzing p2p lending data
plotPurposeSummaryPlots a summary of the loan purposes.
preparePrepares lending club stats for analysis.
purposeSummarySummarizes loan purposes, by default rates.
readLendingClubNotesLoads Lending Club Notes - retrieved from the Lending CLub...
readLendingClubStatsLoads Lending Club Stats into a data.frame.
setDateFieldsSets all of the Lending Club date fields to R Dates.
totalLoanAmountCalculates the total number of loans.
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